Welcome to MemCrypt

Our team is comprised of cyber business leaders and cryptography experts. Our years of experience enables us to develop detection, recovery, and reporting solutions to address the threat of ransomware.

Peter Jaco

Chief Executive Officer

A serial entrepreneur. Chair, non-executive director & A]advisor with interests in Cyber Security, AI, Intelligent Mobility, Big Data and IOT technologies. Extensive experience in accelerating global growth for truly disruptive SMEs. He is Chair of CyberOwl Ltd and Immense Simulations Ltd. Also an Advisor to CivTech, the Scottish Government’s world class GovTech programme and to sit on Industry Advisory Board for the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA)

Peter McLaren

Chief Technology Officer

Very strong background in cyberanalytics. Has developed methods for analysing cryptographic methods in memory, and in their application to ransomware. He is a very experienced program and senior project manager practiced in delivering high-risk, complex initiatives including implementing stockbroking and satellite monitoring systems and data centre builds. Has initiated and managed startup businesses and is also a qualified lawyer and mathematician.

Bill Buchanan

Chief Scientist

Has led research projects to highly successful spin-out success (Cyan Forensics, Symphonic and Zonefox), and has links into collaboration networks around the world. An internationally renowned expert in cryptography and has published over 300 peer reviewed research papers. Recently won an “Outstanding contribution award” at the Scottish KE Awards and has also received two “Innovation of the Year” awards. Awarded an OBE for his work related to cybersecurity.

Owen Lo

Technology Lead

Has previously contributed to previous successful spin-outs. For Symphonic helped develop an information sharing engine used for the secure and trusted sharing of information between different sectors including finance, healthcare, social care and law enforcement. For Cyan Forensics involved in developing contraband detection software to rapidly determine if an individual is suspected of storing illegal data on a computer specifically for digital forensics in law enforcement.